Just a few days before the season starts!

Post by Janey Capers
Summer has arrived, despite the weather trying to prove otherwise. With summer comes sailing class yet again. We at Northport Youth Sailing School are excited for what this season holds. Dustin has returned to teach. Emma has stepped up into a new position. Janey Capers has joined the team. Along with these three are 5 junior counselors, 11 harbor mice, and numerous volunteers all ready to get on the water with the students.

IMG_1853The work day on June 26th went well, and our fleet of 13 Optimists, 6 Laser Picos, and 5 Lasers are all prepped for use and anxiously awaiting an onslaught of youth.

So far 139 students are registered, but there are still some openings in a few of the classes. This year we are continuing with little puff, beginner, intermediate, and double and single hand advanced classes.

It will hopefully warm up, but since it’s been a chilly year the water is still cold. This provides challenges for us on the waterfront. Make sure your students come with proper gear and a change of clothing. We’ll attempt to keep encounters with the lake water itself to a minimum, but part of the joy of sailing is that it is a water sport. The conditions will not stop us from having a phenomenal sailing season.



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