Week One: Chilly Weather Makes for Stronger Sailing

Post by Emma Connell

Northport Youth Sailing School - Week One

July 8th, 55 degrees. Photo by Dustin Webb.

Hello everyone! We have successfully completed the first week here at the Northport Youth Sailing School! This week, we experienced all kinds of wind and weather; everything from 70 degrees and sunny to 15 knot winds and 55 degrees. Sailing through all types of conditions really helps the students adapt to everything and to be ready for whatever weather comes our way.

Our Little Puffs program has shown great improvement from the first day not even knowing how to sail; now they are out on the water sailing around the courses with great success. Opti Ones have also shown huge strides. Being able to sail upwind and downwind and complete a race course is awesome, and even our afternoon Opti Ones have been sailing solo which is great. Opti Twos have sailed solo all week and have had some great wind that really gets them going. The Pico class this week was a little light with only four sailors, but they were a great group and made lots of improvement on small details that really make a big difference when you are out on the water. Our new Laser class for this year has been doing a fantastic job. Most of them never sailing this boat before are flying out on the water in these fast single-hand race boats.

This week certainly had its ups and downs with weather but it ended up being a beautiful last few days, which were perfect for sailing. As always, we are staying safe and are always prepared with the cold water temps this year, and at the same time having a ton of fun out on the water!

Our two new instructors have done an outstanding job this week getting the swing of things and teaching the students all they know! Thank you to all of our instructors, counselors, and harbor mice for all of your hard work that goes in to making this sailing school the best it can be. And of course, thank you to everyone who supports us and makes this all possible, we couldn’t do it without you!

This week has been promising, and I hope that the rest of this season is even better!


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