Week Three: Staff Bonding Leads to Effective Teaching

Post by Janey Capers Newland

Northport Youth Sailing School - Week Three

Warmer weather makes this week better than ever!

As the third week closes, I have another week full of weather swings to report. Although the weather and water have gotten warmer, there have still been chilly days as well. This Tuesday we had our windiest day so far and were impressed to see all the classes working through the wind. The Pico class in particular initially simply wanted to do activities on shore, but once they started flying in the water their opinions changed, and I do believe we have seven more sailors who are extremely confident in heavy wind.

The four Little Puffs have been challenging the wind and the waves by going out and proving that they aren’t afraid. The 12 Opti Ones have had a breezy week and have risen to the occasion, showing us that they can become phenomenal sailors. They are getting the hang of keeping their sails full and making it around courses quickly. The Pico classes totaling eight students have been flying along in the wind practicing hiking (leaning out to keep the boat flat) and roll tacks which make the levels of both speed and fun higher. The three in the Laser class keep getting wet due to wind, but they can flip their boats back over like pros as they zip through their courses with ease and skill.

We have a wonderful staff this year, and as we have gotten to know each other better we have been able to work more efficiently and effectively. The morning crew that gets boats down has brought boats down in record time. The zodiac and whaler drivers have begun reading the minds of the instructors getting us where we need to be quickly so that we can help the sailors as much as possible. If teaching sailing on Lake Michigan wasn’t a wonderful enough job to start with, this teamwork has formed fantastic bonds which make the work environment even better.

We have two weeks ahead of us, and I’m confident they will be phenomenal.


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