Week Four: Warmer Weather and One Week To Go

Post by Emma Connell

Northport Youth Sailing School - Week Four

Beautiful days on Northport Bay!

The fourth week is over! This season has gone by so fast with just one week to go and I am sad to see it end so soon. But on the bright side, it actually started to look and feel like summer this week! Not only was our weather great but our sailors were too.

Full classes made for many boats and lots of learning! We have seen so much improvement this week. Numerous Optis have become pro single-handed sailors. We had great success from first time sailors in bigger boats and becoming aware of all things out on the water. The Little Puffs class continues to make huge strides as the eight and nine year olds learn something completely new to them and become very comfortable out on the water. Picos and Lasers have made great improvements this week, especially with some heavy wind days making for expert capsize recoveries as well as fantastic speed.

I’m sure we all wish we could keep sailing forever but sadly, we only have one week left. This week has been outstanding with great attitudes, high hopes, and open minds and we hope to see this again to finish off our season next week. Fingers crossed for great wind and weather next week to go out with a bang!


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