Week Five: The Perfect End to a Wonderful Season

Post by Dustin Webb

Northport Youth Sailing School - Week Five

Blue skies and warm water round out a great season of sailing.

It’s hard to believe that the last day of sailing school is already here. It never ceases to amaze me how fast the summer goes once sailing school gets under way.

This week, summer weather finally arrived, with sunny skies and warm temperatures replacing the clouds and rain of weeks prior. The added challenge of this warmer weather has been lighter winds though, which have proven to be incredibly light to nonexistent in the morning, while building slightly in the afternoon. As a sailor, light air can be frustrating to sail in, but our sailors this week have worked hard to master sailing in it. In fact, the light air brought on a NYSS wide game of sail tag. As instructors, we love watching our students harness the skills we have been teaching them throughout the week. The warmer temps have also brought warmer water, which makes capsizing and swimming much more enjoyable.

Despite the challenges of the light wind, this has been a great week. Our sailors have been patient with the wind, and have worked hard to master their skills (especially capsizing to cool off!).

As much as I look forward to the Friday night picnic and regatta this week, it will also be a sad farewell to summer. Many of us, sailors and staff alike, will be trading in the beach for classrooms; our boats, whether they be optis or lasers, for desks. Packing away the boats on Friday will mark the end of another great season and the beginning of the countdown to next year.


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