Before you begin
-Child must be able to swim.
-Returning students refer to NYSS 2019 placement list
Please place your child in the recommended class.
-New students refer to class descriptions to choose the best class for your child.
-You can register for more than one session.
-Classes are for one week, either AM or PM.
-Ordering NYSS merchandise is a separate process. Merchandise will be delivered on the first day of class.
-If you try to register for a full class, you’ll be waitlisted. Sailors often switch sessions so you may get it later on.
-IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY COMPLETE A REGISTRATION and you’ve placed your child in the wrong class or you just need to make a switch later on, call Shelley at (313) 942-9390. It’s very easy on our end to switch to a different class. If you have any problems registering, call Shelley.

What you need to know
-Child’s name & date of birth
-Parents’ name, mailing address, phone number & email
-Doctor’s name and phone number
-Date of last tetanus shot and info on any medical conditions, such as allergies
-Emergency contact information
Credit card; tuition for 2019 is $175 except for July 1-5 (no class on July 4th) when tuition will be $140.
If you registered online in 2013-18, you’ll need your username and password. If you’re new, you’ll be prompted to create them. There are scholarships available for Northport and Leelanau Township residents. For the week of July 1, use the scholarship promo code sailweek1. For the other weeks, use the promo code sail2019. (Both are all lower case, no spaces.)
-The state requires that you and your child read and sign the Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet .You’ll sign off on it electronically when you register but it’s easier to print here.

What you need to bring
-All students must wear shoes to keep their toes covered. Crocs, tennis shoes or water shoes work well. Students will not be allowed to sail without proper shoes.
-Refer to Things to Bring to Sailing Class for additional items.

Whether you’re a returning student or a first-time sailor, knowing your knots is important. Our instructors will go over three important ones with you but to get a jump start on sailing, go here and practice a square (reef) knot, figure 8 and bowline.

-You’ll automatically be added to our mailing list when you register. Others can be added to our list by sending your name, address, phone number & email address to