2020 Canceled

Dear NYSS Community:

We regret to announce that we are canceling all NYSS sailing classes and programs for the 2020 summer season due to ongoing uncertainties surrounding the Coronavirus situation and related legal, health-related, and practical questions and concerns. At this point in time, it is impossible for us to determine with any certainty whether instructional programs such as those offered by NYSS will be permitted this summer under Michigan law and, if so, whether we could conduct our programs effectively with the requisite and appropriate social-distancing and other precautionary health measures.

The NYSS Board did not reach this decision lightly. As many of you know, we conducted a survey in an attempt to determine how much demand there would be for classes this summer. The responses suggest that demand will be significantly lower. We have also explored the possibility of operating for a shorter number of weeks and/or running classes on a modified basis, by limiting the number of students in sailboats, instructional staff in safety boats, etc. After reviewing all of this information, we concluded that even if legally permitted to operate on some kind of reduced basis, it would not be financially prudent for NYSS to do so.

Finally, we note that the Northport community as a whole is approaching the Covid 19 situation with due caution, as reflected in decisions to cancel Music in the Park, Fourth of July fireworks, and other similar events. Accordingly, we believe that canceling our programs for this summer is consistent with the expectations of the Northport community.

We wish all of you a safe and healthy summer, and we look forward to seeing you and your kids and grandkids in the Summer of 2021 when (hopefully!) things will have returned to something approaching “normal.”